60 minutes/$80  |  75 minutes/$95  | 90 minutes/$110

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. This a widely popular massage and is the most common massage offered at spas. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.


60 minutes/$80  |  75 minutes/$95  | 90 minutes/$110

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.  It is very effective for treating chronically tense and contracted areas, and helps to speed up the recovery process after injury. Deep tissue usually involves the therapist using firmer pressure in order to reach tight and contracted areas and get them to release, which is why this particular massage is oftentimes recommended for people who are comfortable with a slightly more intense touch. Although pressure can be adjusted based on comfort, it does not need to be painful. It is important to have an open line of communication with your massage therapist, so pressure and movement can be altered throughout the session. After the session, you might experience some tenderness and soreness. It is helpful to drink water immediately following the session to flush out any toxins and rehydrate the body’s muscles. 



60 minutes/$80  |  75 minutes/$95  | 90 minutes/$110

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) aka Trigger Point Therapy, is a style of bodywork that focuses on stimulating and releasing "trigger points" in your body.  Trigger points are tender areas of tension similar to acupressure points, except they occur in the belly of the muscle tissue rather than along the energy pathways of the body. During a session, focused pressure is applied through a variety of techniques in order to release the trigger points. This process can be quite painful at times, yet the effects are lasting and can be profoundly transformative. Neuromuscular therapy addresses postural distortion (poor posture), bio-mechanical dysfunction, nerve compression syndrome, and ischemia. 


60 minutes/$80  |  75 minutes/$95  | 90 minutes/$110

Great for those with an active lifestyle who want to keep their bodies in optimal condition. Sports massage was originally designed to assist athletes to prepare their bodies for optimum efficiency and recovery after strenuous activity. Emphasis is on prevention and healing of injuries to your muscles and tendons. Orthopedic massage focuses on problems with the client's musculoskeletal system. He or she may release tight muscles, help to stretch shortened muscles and tendons, and decompress joints. The goal is to normalize the soft tissues of the body, both to treat specific conditions and to keep clients generally healthy and fit.


60 minutes/$80  |  75 minutes/$95  | 90 minutes/$110

Lomi Lomi is an indigenous Hawaiian healing practice. This type of bodywork utilizes long, broad, fluid movements. It is usually very gentle and relaxing, similar to Swedish massage. Forearms and elbows are often used to cover a broad area, and more oil than normal is applied in this massage.  It can include stretching and also works towards the emotionl/energetic sources of pain and stress.

As with all ancient Hawaiian teachings, there are different lineages and teachers of Lomi Lomi. Each will have a slightly different technique. But no matter what type of Lomi a practioner practices, there is always the unconditional spirit of aloha, total respect, honor, and sacredness in everything.


60 minutes/$90 |  75 minutes/$105  | 90 minutes/$120

This massage will bring you into an incredibly deep state of relaxation. The smooth, heated stones are used as an extension of the hands and are creatively incorporated into the massage.  Trigger points held deep in the body are able to release with more ease using deep pressure with the stones. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. The grounding energy and heat from the stones will take you to a higher level of relaxation, it’s pure bliss.

60 minutes/$80  |  75 minutes/$95  | 90 minutes/$110


60 minutes/$95 |  75 minutes/$110  | 90 minutes/$120

Experience the benefits of CBD in your massage! Make your massage experience even more exceptional by adding a CBD treatment into your next session.  All of the products I use are handcrafted with the highest quality organic ingredients, and made in small batches by myself. You can check out my site Stone Dam CBD for more information. I use a healing CBD salve (500mg per ounce) to spot treat those extra sore spots areas that need the most relief. In addition to that, I also use a CBD infused oil (200mg per ounce) throughout the entire body for ultimate relaxation and relief.  CBD also promotes healthier, younger looking skin. Your skin and entire being will be glowing after this treatment!

CBD can be added to any massage offered for an added $10.


60 minutes/$80 |  75 minutes/$95 | 90 minutes/$110

Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing therapy. Cupping removes stagnation from the body, increases flow of blood and lymph, releases toxins, breaks up adhesions, and relaxes muscle tension. The cups use negative pressure (opposite of traditional massage) to loosen tissues and increase fluid flow. During a session, the cups may be moved around and also left stationary in a specific spot. This treatment can be added into any other session.

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